What is my tax number?

Where is my tax number?

If you are thinking about your tax number, you may be busy completing your e-filing or tax return? Your tax number should be printed on your tax return already! But if you need your tax number for correspondence or to provide to your tax consultant, tax practitioner,  financial consultant or any one of the other hundreds of reasons, you can start looking for your tax number on your payslip or on your IRP5 issued by your employer.

You can also check with your human resource department or ask your employer’s bookkeeper or accountant.

Other Places to check for your tax number:

Other places where you would find your tax number is on previous tax returns or letters from SARS, your tax number may also be on certain certificates or tax certificates such as  medical, retirement annuity, or pension certificates.

If you have checked everywhere and still cannot find your tax number, you can call SARS on this toll free number: 0800 007 277

You may be asked security questions to verify your identity. You can of course also visit your nearest SARS office to obtain your tax number, please take proof of your identity with when visiting SARS offices.

Simple answers to finding your tax number:

  1. On your payslip
  2. On your IRP5
  3.  On previous tax returns
  4. Letters from SARS
  5. Check certificates – medical, retirement annuity, or pension certificates
  6. call SARS toll free number: 0800 007 277
  7. Visit your nearest SARS office