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Estate Duty

What is Estate Duty? Estate Duty is charged on every person who dies after 1 April 1995, according to the Estate Duty Act of 1995. It is charged at about 20% of on the taxable amount if the estate is valued at an amount exceeding R3 500 000. Who is responsible for Estate Duty? The estate is liable for Estate Duty and and it is paid by the executor. If a policy was paid to a beneficiary directly, the beneficiary will be liable for a…

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Estate planning

1 Introduction Estate planning may be defined as the arrangement management and disposition of the assets in a persons estate so that he his family and other beneficiaries may enjoy and continue to enjoy the maximum from such assets during his lifetime and after his death no matter when death may occur. Why does an individual enter into an estate plan? The reasons for entering into an estate planning exercise are normally threefold. Firstly the individual may wish to save taxation secondly it may be…

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